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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Teaser Thursday

I am still on business travel and have not finished this book I thought I would wet your appetites with a teaser quote from the book.  My review will hopefully be Saturday again.

So this was his beloved Lena.  Erland, wreathed in smiles, turned, saw him and waited, leading Lena forward to be introduced.

Faro stepped back in astonishment.

She was no stranger.

He had seen her before.

At the Edinburgh High Court three years ago in July 1857 where she had emerged from a murder trial, accused of poisoning her lover, walking free, set at liberty by a Not Proven verdict...

Whatever the jury, seduced by her youth and charm, might decide, Faro was sure that there had been a serious miscarriage of justice.  As he listened to the evidence, he was certain that she was guilty of poisoning her lover Emile L'Angelier by putting arsenic in his cocoa and that only her youth - she was twenty-one years old - her beauty and her place in the echelons of Glasgow society had saved her from the gallows.

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