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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Reader Poll

I am including you in my writing adventure.  I decided I wanted to write using a pen name and have narrowed down the names.  

I would really like to get all of your inputs as well.  So, here is a poll for you to give me your inputs on these pen names.  Pick which one you like best for a mystery and suspense author, which has that ring to it?  Please help me out!

For a mystery and suspense pen name, which do you like best? free polls

Having trouble with the poll? Go here to vote: Click Here

Thank you for voting in this poll, you are helping me in an important decision!  This is a fun way for you to be a part of my journey as a writer.  Of course, I am busy writing the actual suspense/thriller novel.  But this is still a part of it.  Once I have the pen name, I can start gearing up an author website.  So this is part of the process.

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