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Monday, August 17, 2015

Series or Standalone?

Do you like to read books in a series, whether it is cozy, suspense or thriller?  

Some people don't like series books because the characters and plots lose the initial magic and don't live up to the first few for long.  Others look forward to the regulars in a series.  What about YOU?
Note in comments your preference and let your voice be heard.  I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts.

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Amanda D said...

I prefer a series. I don't mind a standalone but if I fall in love with the characters I'm disappointed that this is it. I've given up reading more long series then I've continued. I seem to lose interest around book 6 or 7. I like romance series where each book focuses on a different couple. I like long mystery series but not love triangles. I read the Hannah Swensen series and just want her to pick someone! I haven't read the most recent yet so I still have hope at the moment.

Kicha said...

Is rare when I find a book whose characters I want to keep in my life ... but there have been exceptions. I'd say overall a juicy standalone is sufficient.

Harvee, Book Dilettante said...

There are series mysteries that I have enjoyed and whose characters I like to follow. Depends on the books, etc.

Unknown said...

there are series that follows one person and their exploits, then there are some that cover several people in a town or group of friends or company. i particulary like that ones that cover different people but they are are connected in each story.

A.F. Heart said...

5 votes on the poll widget preferring series to stand-alones.
Marcy, thank you for bringing up the variety in a series. I think we are seeing more series following different members of a family, or even a town now. I don't know of a mystery that does such, but I have seen the trend in romances. I like the idea.
Naturally, it depends on each book, but I find myself following series. For me it began with the Cat Who... books by Lillian Jackson Braun then grew from there.


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