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Monday, November 30, 2009

You Tell Me!

It is the last day of the month - where has the year gone?  This month just seemed to fly by.  I wanted to give you, the mystery readers, a chance to share the books you have read over the last 30 days and give a thumbs up if you recommend them or a thumbs down if you don't recommend it.   All of the mystery realm, crime fiction and suspense we want to here about.

So leave a comment - share with us the title, author and your thumbs up or down.  So you guys have the helm...
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raidergirl3 said...

Easy question: Wife of the Gods - Kwei Quartey was a most excellent mystery, and start to a mystery series. Detective Darko Dawson is a police investigator in Ghana. One of the better books I've read this year, regardless of being a mystery.

A.F. Heart said...

Excellent. I had not heard of this one before so I am tickled to add it to my list.

Thank you raidergirl3

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