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Monday, April 19, 2010

Interview: Martha Grimes

Winners of the Giveaway for THE BLACK CAT by Martha Grimes are Pixie13 and the Book Mole.  You should have received an email asking for your mailing addresses.  Congratulations!

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Martha Grimes agreed to give us an interview, below are her responses.  Thank you Martha.

- Do you start your next mystery with the killer, the victim or a plot idea?
None of the above; I start with a pub name.

- Do you outline the plot or some variation of that (a little/a lot of detail, a strict 3 act structure etc) before sitting down and writing?
No. Once I was writing a Richard Jury mystery and I was stuck, so I thought I’d do an outline. So I wrote an outline, and when I came to the same place, I was still stuck.

- What is your process for developing a character? Do you use pictures, a worksheet or just let the character(s) tell you about him/herself as you write?
I just take the character as he comes.

- How do you find time for writing, what works for you - and do you have anything special you do before writing, particular music or a special room/location that helps you get in the zone and write?
No, you find time by making it a priority. I usually write at home in long hand, but I also like being in coffee shops and writing there.

- What is your work schedule like when you're writing and how long does it take you to write a book?
It takes a year for me to write a book. Forget the schedule.

- How much research goes into your work and do you complete that up front or "just enough" as you go?

I do it as I go along.

- Setting seems as important as the characters in your mysteries, any tips on conveying a sense of place well?

That would take a book in itself to answer. Unfortunately, anyone who wants to write should have this sense to begin with.

- Can you recommend a fiction book that provides a great example of the writing craft to dissect and learn from?

There is no such book, I wish there was. What is good about books about writing is that they keep a writer company. For that purpose, they're very useful.

- What are you currently reading?
A Week in December by Sebastian Faulks

- What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?
I like a lot of different colors of ink when I’m writing.

- How did you get your first break towards getting published? Was it sending in a query or meeting an agent at a writing conference etc?

No. I believe in the process of first writing a book. I sent the first one to a publisher and got it back, another publisher and got it back, another and another and another. The secret is persistence.

- Do you participate in a critique group (or have you in the past?) What are the pros and cons of critique groups?
The pros are they usually have food. The cons? Such groups are fairly useless when it comes to writing.

Here is an additional video of Ms. Grimes that gives some additional information on her writing process.


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The Book Mole said...

Thank you SO much for this interview! I am a big fan of Martha Grimes and Melrose Plant, and this made good reading. It is interesting to note that Grimes seems to go with the flow and does not organize too much.

I really look forward to reading The Black Cat!

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