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Monday, August 9, 2010

Year of the Children's Mystery Book

I know it is August, but there is plenty of time to jump into this wonderful program and get the children in your life reading mysteries.  Imagine sharing your love of a good mystery book!  Some worry that reading books is going by the wayside with video games and movies, Ipods and texting.  I think this program is a fantastic way to encourage reading in a genre that appeals to children.

The Mystery Challenge challenges all young readers to achieve Mystery Mastery by reading at least six mystery books during 2010. Books can be from any authors, reading level or length. The only requirement is that they be from the mystery genera. You can track your progress by using The Mystery Challenge bookmark. Simply send a self addressed stamped envelope to: Gallopade InternationalAttn: 2010 Year of the Children's MysteryP.O. Box 2779Peachtree City, GA 30269 or make your own by clicking the image and printing it off of this website's Freebie Page

Freebies page has a Mystery Party Kit, a Poster, Downloadable bookmarks and computer wallpaper.

Readers who achieve Mystery Mastery status will be rewarded with a Spooktacular Surprise consisting of a specialized certificate of accomplishment as well as their name posted on the Wall of Fame. Good luck and remember to have fun! Click HERE to submit your completed Mystery Master bookmark.

There is even a photo gallery. Take a picture of yourself, friend, family, student or whomever reading their favorite mystery book!  Email the photo to them under the "Get Caught Reading...a Mystery!" section and be included in the gallery.

Sign up for email updates as well. Check out their fun "links" page too.

At First Clues there is a "Mysteries for Kids" listing divided by age: New Sleuths (Ages 4-6), Future Sleuths (7-9), Sleuths in Training (10-12), and Apprentice Sleuths 13 and up) at .  This can help you get ideas on what mysteries would be appropriate for the young person in your life.


October 3-9th - Mystery Series Week

October 31st - Halloween

November 7-13th - National Young Reader Week and Children's Book Week

November 14-20th - American Education Week

December 1-31st - Read a New Book Month/Read a New Mystery Book

So join up - it isn't too late to get in on the fun and ignite a mystery reading passion!

How about starting a Mystery Book Club for Children? 

"Book clubs for children can be a wonderful way of fostering a lifelong love of reading and expanding their minds as well as providing a forum to build important skills such as public speaking, debate and viewing things from different perspectives. They are also a great opportunity for children to socialise and meet new friends."  What a great way to combine the socializing desires of youth with keeping reading alive.

The following is from The Reading Club on
Running Book Clubs for Children

"In many respects, book clubs for children mirror those for adults. They can be started just as simply, by getting together a group of children who like to read – either by asking through friends or putting up posters at school, library, or other community places that children frequent."

Here is info on book clubs for teens:
More info on starting a book club:

Now for a special of my favorite mysteries growing up was Scooby Doo!

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