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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Review - It's Murder, My Son

I stumbled upon this book and just had to review it.  I contacted the author and she graciously sent a copy to me.  I had a feeling from the description that I would enjoy it.  Read the review and find out how this new mystery series is a great new addition to the genre.  Next week is the GRAND Blog anniversary with prizes.  Please visit the great sponsors HERE.

Author: Lauren Carr

Copyright:  June, 2010 (CreateSpace) 286 pages

Series: #1  in the Mac Faraday Mysteries

Sensuality: Mild

Mystery sub-genre: Amateur Sleuth

Main Character: Mac Faraday, recently inherited millions from the mother who gave him up

Setting: Lakefront Spencer Manor in Spencer, Maryland

Obtained book through:  Author for an honest review
Mac Faraday, a D.C. policeman, just finished a nasty divorce when he gets another life changing revelation.  His birth mother, a Pulitzer prize winning author, who had given him up for adoption had just left him millions, a mansion and a resort with a five-star restaurant in her will.  Overwhelmed, Mac moves into his new home and begins to learn about his mother via her novels and journal.  He also finds out that the house next door was the scene of an unsolved murder only a few months old.
While packing up his handful of belongings in his two-bedroom, third-floor walk-up in Georgetown, Mac Faraday envisioned his arrival into high society:
He would pull up to the front door of Spencer Manor in his red Dodge Viper.  Then, the front doors would open and Ed Willingham, the senior partner of Willingham and Associates, would welcome him into his new home.  Ed was the first attornety Mad liked.  He sensed it had something to do with Ed working for him.
Everything happened as Mac envisioned until Ed opened the front door and released a hundred pounds of fur and teeth that shot like a bullet aimed at the man in the roadster.
"No!  Come back here!  Stay!" the lawyer seemed to beg the German Shepard, which landed in the front passenger seat of Mac's convertible in a single bound.
Mac felt the beast's hot breath on his cheek while they spilled into the stone driveway.  He shoved against the canine straddling his chest to keep him from  ripping his throat open.
...Nobody told him that a man-eating dog was part of that inheritance.
A high pitched whistle broke through his screaming and the shepherd's barking.
The canine froze.
"Gnarly, get off him!"  Mac heard yelled in a feminine, but firm, tone. 
The German shepherd paused.
"Yes, I'm talking to you."  She seemed to respond to the dog's nonverbial question.
..."Mac is your new master," the woman back on the porch told the dog.  "What have I told you about biting the hand that feeds you?"
The dog uttered a noise that sounded like "Humph!" before climbing off Mac's chest and disappearing around the front of the roadster.
Mac starts wading through the local politics and wealthy neighbor personalities as he starts his own investigation on the murder.  His mother's copy editor and research assistant, Archie, inherited the guest house and she is there to help him understand his mother who was also her dear friend and the new life he has stepped into.  He realizes that the local cop is also his half brother which is only the beginning of the complexities to come.
Mac is a simple cop who is thrown into completely unfamiliar waters and latches onto what is familiar, investigating murder.  Mac makes a great main character and the myriad of supporting cast pull their weight as well.  Interesting enough is the character of Mac's deceased mother.  Even in death I loved this character.  Archie makes a great guide for Mac in his strange new life and she shines in her own right as gutsy and smart.  Several wealthy neighbors, a headstrong police chief and the other famous author and his model wife round out the cast nicely.  But I can't forget Mac's sidekick - his impossible to control German Shepard, Gnarly!  He was kicked out of military service but he has Mac's back, is rebellious and too smart for his own good.  He provides some comic relief but he also plays a key role in the whole mystery.
The story takes hold immediately and the reader quickly identifies with Mac.  The plot is well done without being overplotted.  There are just enough twists and turns to keep the reader guessing.  The climatic confrontation with the killer is good and the wrap up leaves you laughing and feeling good.  The writing style is easy and draws the reader in effortlessly.  I am looking forward to the next installment!

Check out this book trailer as an added bonus.

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Mystica said...

Interesting book!

Kaye said...

This sounds like a great read. Glad you enjoyed it.

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