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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Review - One Grave Less

I reviewed Beverly Connor's prior book The Night Killer here, so I was looking forward to this new novel in the series.  This book grabs you and doesn't let you go until the very last page.  Let's go to Amazon for a deadly fight for survival.

Author: Beverly Connor

Copyright: Dec 2010 (Signet) 356 pgs

Series: 9th in Diane Fallon Forensic Investigations

Sensuality: N/A

Mystery Sub-genre: Police Procedural - Suspense

Main Character:  Forensic Anthropologist Diane Fallon, Director of Museum and crime lab

Setting: Modern day, part in South American Amazon and part Georgia's River Trail Museum of Natural History

Obtained Through: Publisher for an honest review

The story starts with Forensic Anthropologist Lyndsey Chamberlain caged in the Amazon jungle, her captors thinking she is Diane Fallon.  Then a mere child proceeds to break her out of captivity so she can get her back to her mother - the real Diane Fallon.  The child is the believed-dead Ariel, Diane's adopted child.  A few years ago Diane was part of a World Accord International team investigating a dictator's crimes by exhuming mass graves when Diane adopts an orphan only to loose her to the dictator's goon squad that massacred the mission and base of operations for the team.

But the next moment the reader is back at the River Trail Museum in time for Diane to find Simone, another of the old World Accord International team survivor seriously wounded.  Simone manages to share "it was one of us" before lapsing into unconsciousness.  Fake paramedics arrive and a fire breaks out, but Diane manages to keep herself and Simone safe, but will Simone ever come out of her coma to tell what she has uncovered about the massacre from their time in the Amazon?

This is the beginning and the novel keeps a fast pace throughout.  I honestly had a hard time putting this book down at all.  The two story lines just ratchet the suspense up.  It becomes clear that somebody with international connections is involved.  The plot is great and doesn't let you stop reading for a minute.  The character of Diane's daughter is stellar and Lyndsey is believable, gutsy and brave.  

The betrayal of one of the team members strikes very close to Diane.  The climax is gripping and the wrap up short but complete.  The only thing is that the story ends before we know if Simone will make it or not. 

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