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Monday, March 14, 2011

Mystery Game - Guess the Series

We are going to do a little game and see how it goes.

The answers are not to be shared in comments are anything like that - too easy for late comers to just read the answers!

Check back in a few days and the answers will be posted.  You can share how well you did then!

The idea is that I provide the main character and you provide the book series.  All of these have been reviewed on the site as well. 

I think this may just be harder than it sounds - and no cheating by using google or yahoo to search.   Let's see how this works for us.

The answers are posted below.  How did you do?  Leave a comment and share how you did and if this was more difficult than you thought.

1)  Lady Georgiana Rannoch               
Series:  Her Royal Spyness

2)  Nikki Sands                                   
Series: Wine Lover's Mystery

3)  Diane Fallon                                  
Series:  Diane Fallon Forensic Investigations

4)  Sadie Novak                                 
Series: Ghost Dusters Mystery

5)  Clare Cosi                                    
Series: Coffee House Mystery

6)  Father John O'Malley                   
Series: Wind River Mystery

7)  Betsy Devonshire                         
Series: Needle Craft Mystery

8)  Natalie Barnes                             
Series: Gray Whale Inn Mystery

9)  Maggie O'Neill                            
Series: Bewitching Mystery

10) Brianna Winston-Beaufort          
Series: Beaufort and Company Mystery

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