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Monday, April 18, 2011

Fill in Blank Game

Let's try another game this week. I am going to list partial titles and you try to fill in the blanks. All the books are by the same author which is a clue. At the end of the titles, supply who the author of those books was. I will give you a hint that these are not new books - they have been out for a while.

I forgot to mention that you are on the honor system playing this.  In a few days I will fill in the blanks and you can post how many you got right in the comments.  I did this in a very low tech sort of way :-)

1) And Then There Were None

2)  The Mysterious Affair at Styles

3) Appointment with Death

4) The Body in the Library

5) Death on the Nile

6) A Pocket Full of Rye

7) Evil Under the Sun

8) The Seven Dials Mystery

9) They Do It With Mirrors

10) The Mirror Cracked From Side to Side

The Author of all these books is Agatha Christie who wrote 80 detective novels - and a few romances under the name Mary Westmacott.


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