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Monday, May 23, 2011

Join the Mystery Bookmark Swap

I have seen bookmark swaps on other blogs and thought this would be fun to do.

The idea of a bookmark swap is to share your love of bookmarks with other swappers. If you love reading then chances are good you enjoy collecting bookmarks.  

Each person participating in the swap will be responsible for mailing 3 bookmarks and will get at least 3 bookmarks in return.  Keep in mind this is something you are committing to do.

The point of this is to have fun, not to be stressful or expensive to anyone. Handmade bookmarks don’t have to be perfect, but please remember that some of our swappers will be putting hours into creating something special. So let’s all create something memorable!

No swag bookmarks (advertising of a specific book) please.

THE DEADLINE to sign up for the swap is May 31.

THE DEADLINE to mail bookmarks will be Monday June 27, 2011. 

HOW TO JOIN THE SWAP:  Send me your email and mailing address to: mysterysuspense1 (at) gmail (dot) com.  

A few weeks before the deadline I will send a reminder email.
On the deadline day I will send you 3 addresses to mail one bookmark to each address.

2 inches by 7 inches seems to be a common size for paper bookmarks in case you were curious.  Add yarn, ribbon, or string to the top if you like.

When you go to send your bookmarks if they are paper, I found some lightweight cardboard - such as from a clean cereal box and cut to fit in the envelope works nicely.  This keeps the bookmarks from getting crumpled and bent in mailing and is not too heavy so you can still use one stamp.
I think 3 bookmarks can be made without much stress by June 27th.

Below are some ideas for bookmarks that can get your creative juices flowing.  Let's have some fun with this :-)

Here is how to make beaded thong bookmark:

 You can use plastic cording also for beaded bookmark.

Paperclip bookmarks - this one is a little different than the standard paperclip bookmark:

Scrapbook Bookmarks from a book-lover.  She shows a variety of completed projects for great ideas.

Here is how to make a magnetic bookmark.  This gives you a good idea of how to accomplish the magnetic bookmark easily:

Shipping Tag Bookmark Collage demo:

Or if you sew here is a demo of making a beautiful ribbon bookmark:

This website (click here) has the directions for another bookmark to sew  You can make a ribbon top rather than the fabric rose or even embroider something.

Or if you are more a computer person or handy with PSP or Photoshop, you can put together a bookmark with pictures and layered effect etc.  Print it out on some heavy paper and maybe laminate.   Copy centers often do lamination for a dollar or so a 8 1/2 by 11 sheet which will hold several on one sheet.  Or there are simple SelfSeal laminating sheets that you don't have to use a machine with.

I am thinking of using my favorite Nancy Drew book covers and copying text from the book for a background - or maybe find a good quote from it for my bookmarks. So join in the fun and share your love of mystery as well as bookmarks!!

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Bev Hankins said...

Sounds like fun! I've sent you an email to sign up.

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