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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Guest Review: Black Ghosts

My book-loving neighbor is back with another review.  Welcome "neighbor Ken" back to share about a novel full of intrigue and suspense.  Sounds like this is a great book.

Author:  Victor Ostrovsky  

Copyright:  May 3, 2011; 452 pages 

Sensuality:  Violence

Mystery sub-genre:  Suspense, Intrigue

Main Characters:  Edward, an officer with Alpha 27, a specialized and covert unit of U.S. Military Intelligence

Setting:  Modern day, Russia and USA 

Obtained Book Through:  Publisher supplied in exchange for honest review

Convicted of treason, Russian General Peter Rogov, imprisoned in Siberia, makes an explosive and daring escape assisted by his henchmen.  This mastermind then puts into play his nefarious plans to kill the Russian president, take over the Russian government, hijack the U. S. president, place the USA under nuclear attack, and attain global domination.  He re-activates the Black Ghosts, a group of KGB operatives and a shadow army placed throughout the Russian government in case of a coup during the Cold War.  Unfortunately, several spies and U. S. government officials are aiding and abetting the general.

Larry, a CIA agent, who is assisted by the beautiful and intelligent Natalie, becomes aware of these plans, but he is shot and seriously wounded.  Needing help, he calls on an old friend.  Edward is trying to enjoy the quiet, simple life in Grantsville, Utah, mainly by baking croissants at his restaurant, rather than facing the dangers of the world as an officer with Alpha 27 (a highly specialized and extremely covert unit of U. S. Military Intelligence).

Not knowing who to trust, but becoming more fully aware of the ruthless, brutal reality of Rogov’s actions, Edward brings his team of fellow warriors together and embarks on his own plans to neutralize the dastardly Rogov and his Black Ghosts.  Along the way, he connects with people who become unlikely allies.

This is one great book!  Couldn’t put it down – started reading it at dusk and finished it at dawn.  Black Ghosts has it all.  It’s full of military action, strategy, and tactics, and counter strategy and tactics.  There is mystery, intrigue, action and adventure, deception, betrayal, spy vs. spy, and twists and turns.  The characters, plots, and sub-plots are well developed, believable, and realistic.  The author presented detailed expertise, knowledge, and understanding of various military, governmental, and political structures including their clandestine organizations and actions. 

Victor Ostrovsky was a Lieutenant Commander in the Israeli military as well as a member of the elite Mossad.  He utilizes his experience and knowledge to great advantage.  I rank him among some of my favorite authors such as Clive Cussler, Dale Brown, and Web Griffin.  I will definitely to be seeking out his other books to read.

Thank you so much "neighbor Ken" for another great book review.  

I found this fascinating video on Victor that reveals his love of painting!  Not only is this man a good author but he is a painter that infuses intrigue into his artwork for captivating, even haunting pictures.


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David R. Willis said...

Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to take a peek at this one.

A.F. Heart said...

Thanks for your comment.
I too want to read this one.

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