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Monday, August 29, 2011

One Sentence Stories

One sentence stories, or one sentence flash fiction is to tell a story in just one sentence.  One sentence doesn't give room for character building or a three act plot structure.  There is no building up towards a climactic confrontation with a killer.  

It is immediate, a picture in time that gives our imagination enough to fill in the story.  Perhaps it builds on universal themes that we immediately identify with.

It is as simple or as complex and layered as you want.  It can have a title or not, be fact or fiction.  It gets your creative blood moving like any exercise.  But the real beauty is that anyone can do it.

Here are a few I did just playing around. Why don't you give it a try and post in the comments?  You just might find it addictive!

>>  It wasn't intentional but the tourist managed to start an international incident with one finger.

>>  Every person in the conference room stared at him in disbelief for suddenly having a backbone.

>>  The crisp letter in her trembling hands received her tears and began to wilt.

>>  Trust
Every person who passed the vacant desk, stared at the wallet laying there.

>>  Back in Time
The blond child was destined to become a murderous dictator, so the assassin from the future had no qualms pulling the trigger.

>>  Justice
Ten years and thousands of lives later the man who initiated a war with a massive attack was executed without trial.

>>  Road Rage
She admired her diminutive car hiding custom mechanisms to crash other vehicles and then got behind the wheel to find the guy who cut her off every evening.

>>  She took the single red rose, sprayed it with hairspray, and touched a flame to it while whispering "bastard."

>>  One hole in the ice with one cherry red mitten floating.

>>  The gun disappeared into an inner pocket of the ski jacket before anyone noticed the skier trailing blood down the slope.

Your Turn!

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