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Monday, September 12, 2011

Book Adventure for Children

I am a firm believer in children reading books.  I loved books as a child so I always had a book.  But reading is a challenge for some and they need extra encouragement and nurturing in this area.  There have been many studies done and research on how being a reader makes for a better student, not just till high school graduation, but for life.  

Reading opens up a world that allows a person unlimited access to knowledge.  Even if a person can not afford college, they can learn about the world and cosmos through books.  A reader can easily improve their skills and  capabilities with a free library card.  I give books to any children on my holiday list to promote their creativity, logic skills, comprehension, and even their sense of curiosity.  Yep, I'm a regular reading cheer leader.

When I found Book Adventure by Sylvan Learning, I just had to spread the word.  Book Adventure ( is a free, online reading program for children in grades K-8 with the goal to help kids learn to love reading through interactive tools, games and motivational rewards.

In the Kid's Zone there is
- a book finder by grade level or an area of interest like mystery
- encouragement awards for reading
- online and printable games and
- resources to help children read better
- collect reading points and get prizes

Parent's Place allows the parents to see how their child is doing and be a part of their adventure and resources to keep your child motivated. 

The Teacher's Lounge contains many free tools to assist in the classroom - how great is that!
 - Find a book: Search for books or create a booklist for your students.
 - Prize Library: Create a prize for your classroom or approve prizes your students have earned.
 - My Classroom: Keep track of all the students in your classrooms, create contests and teams, develop quizzes and reading reminders for students and more!
 - Reports: View reading reports and create letters you can send to your parents to highlight a student’s reading progress.
 - Quizzes: Find and preview a quiz or view samples of reading quizzes.

I hope this is a helpful resource to any parents or teachers out there.  Reading is one of the educational fundamentals that we can't let slip for the sake our children's futures.

Since I love including videos - here is a short clip on tips for encouraging reading.


Check out Tail Waggin' Tutors Reading Program (click here) to find out how therapy dogs help children read.  My two favorite things together, pets and reading!

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