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Monday, December 12, 2011

Holiday Cookies for Charity

The holidays mean different things to different people and there are scores of holiday traditions.  For many, baking is a cherished memory associated with this time of year.  Cookies seem to be high on the list for a baking tradition.  Also part of this time of year is to remember those less fortunate than ourselves.  How about combining baking cookies tradition and helping others!

I found this great idea called "Drop In And Decorate" (click here for website).  You pick a charity that is "serving basic human needs (food or shelter) in your community, without discrimination," enlist cookie bakers, invite friends over to decorate the cookies and then donate them to the charity.  If the shelter or food pantry can't take home made food, then sell those decorated cookies and give the proceeds. I thought this was a fantastic idea that even children can join in on the fun and it spreads the holiday giving theme and encourages a holiday tradition that brings people together. 

The website has free offers to aid you and provides a "How to Host," food safety, and even decorating guidelines.  Here is a short video about the Drop In & Decorate idea featuring three different events across America.

If you want to send the something to service members actively serving then check out this informative site to find out how, but they specify letters or postcards now rather than care packages.  (click here for website.)  Or consider the Fisher House Project which provides housing for families of wounded service-members at VA facilities (click here for website.)   You could pick a Fisher House and send a care package to a family with a wounded soldier receiving treatment.

Here is a great video about the first cookie cutters I came across and wanted to share.  Whatever your holiday traditions, enjoy.

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[not] Maggie said...

What a great idea! I bake for our local humane society for their christmas party they have every year, and its always lots of fun to get in the kitchen and make trays and trays of cookies :)

A.F. Heart said...


So glad you got inspired by the post. I love these sorts of things and always think of sharing it with my blog readers :-)

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