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Monday, April 9, 2012

Every Child a Reader

I have always been an advocate for children's reading programs.  When video games came out, books took a back seat and the outlook was bad.  It appeared that reading was on the way out for each new generation.  But then authors such as J.K. Rowling seemed to reinvent children's literature and children and teens were reading again.  Twilight came along.  Even dystopian darker themes captured young adult readers with The Hunger Games.  Reading among children may not be dying out after all. 

Programs such as "Every Child a Reader" have been working diligently to help turn the tide.  This program is "dedicated to supporting positive programs and opportunities that help promote the enjoyment of reading among America’s youth with the goal of instilling a lifelong love of reading."  The signature drive of the program is the Children’s Book Week, the nation’s longest-running literacy initiative, now in its ninety-third year.  

This year, Children's Book Week (click here) will be May 7-13, 2012.  I wanted to highlight this in advance so readers can find local events - or start one.  If you are a teacher or librarian, there are resources and tools to get involved.

There is even a Blog Hop for Children's Book Week (click here) for bloggers to join.  Enjoy, and spread the love of reading!

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