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Monday, July 30, 2012

A Bookish Focus

The concept that where or what one's attention is focused upon is where your energy flows is often true.  If a culture focuses on frivolous pursuits, that is often where their future seems destined as well.  What if cultures all through the world focused attention on books and reading?  Books symbolizing knowledge and an open exchange of ideas and wisdom.  Books are such a powerful symbol that the image of a bonfire fueled by books screams of oppression and shakes us to our very core.

In the spirit of uplifting the book and its symbolism, following are examples of public fountains, architecture, and some videos of books used in artwork.  Enjoy!

Fontaine de Jouvence by Olivier Duque
Cincinnati Public Library fountain

Fountain at the Chattanooga Library Foundation

Library Bar and Grill 312 Central Ave SW Albuquerque, NM

The Kansas City Public Library looks like a row of older volumes.  
The entrance is to the left.

The House of Free Creativity in Turkmenistan is a mirror-like single open book.

This video shows a growing number of artists who are turning books into artwork of a more sculptural nature.

This video is of book artist Su Blackwell's, who creates mini-masterpieces that can take up to a month to complete.  Her artwork depicts scenes from books which resonate with the artist. Her work is framed in books containing fairy tales, poetry, and even how-tos.

Enjoy the world of books around you.

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