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Monday, May 20, 2013

Mystery Trivia Challenge

Well I blew it and missed posting about the Children's book week.  It was last weekend.  Dang!  But in case you collect the posters or would still like to find out more, click here.

It is time for another game involving classic mysteries.  See if you can figure these trivia questions out.  You are on the honor system, please don't look up the answers.  I will post the answers later in the week.  Have fun with this and post if you think you got them and if they were a challenge, or not.

1)  What was Nero Wolf's passion besides food?  Answer:  Raising exotic Orchids

2)  What nationality was Hercules Poirot? 
Answer: Belgian

3)  What did Ellery Queen's father do for a living? 
Answer: New York Police Inspector

4)  Sam Spade and Philip Marlowe are part of what mystery detective genre? 
Answer: Hard Boiled PI

5)  What car did early Nancy Drew drive? 
Answer:  blue roadster (now a blue hybrid)
6)  Which Agatha Christie book had ten strangers, each with a dark secret, who are lured to a mansion on an uninhabited island and killed off one by one? 
Answer: And Then There Were None

7)  Who was the popular detective that author Dorothy Sayers features in her mysteries? 
Answer:  Lord Peter Wimsey

8)  Inspector Roderick Alleyn was penned by which author? 
Answer:  Ngaio Marsh

9)  Which well established mystery writer was convicted of participating in the murder of her friend's mother in 1954? 
Answer:  Anne Perry!

10)  What is the title of the Agatha Christie short story and play in which a murderer escapes punishment - and Christie rewrote the ending because she didn't like that?   
Answer:  Witness for the Prosecution

Well I hope one or two of these stumped you!

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Jo said...

I seem t read these posts after it's too late. =/ I need to be better.

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