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Monday, September 16, 2013

DIY World Mystery Book Tour

I came across this great listing at and it occurred to me this provides an amazing listing to create your customized World Mystery Book Tour.  Check out the variety available.


    Grace Brophy writes the Alessandro Cenni series, Commisario, state police of Umbria, Italy

    Andrea Camilleri writes the Inspector Montalbano series, detective, Sicily

    Michael Dibdin writes thethe Aurelio Zen series, Italian police inspector, various Italian locations

    Conor Fitzgerald writes the Alec Blume, ex-pat American and Commisario of Police, Rome

    Michele Giuttari writes the Michele Ferrara, Squadra Mobile, Florence, Italy

    David Hewson writes the Nic Costa series, police detective, Rome, Italy

    Christobel Kent writes the Sandro Cellini, cop turned PI, Florence, Italy

    Donna Leon writes the Guido Brunetti series, police inspector Venice

    Carlo Lucarelli writes the Commissario De Luca series, policeman in post-Mussolini Italy

    Carlo Lucarelli writes the Grazia Negro series, police inspector, Bologna

    Beverle Graves Myers writes the Tito Amato series, castrato opera singer, 18th century Venice

    Magdalen Nabb writes the Salvatore Guarnaccia series, Carabinieri Marshall, Florence

    John Maddox Roberts writes the Decius Caecillius Metellus, sleuth in ancient Rome

    Steven Saylor writes the Gordianus the Finder, an early PI in ancient Rome in the time of Caesar

    Valerio Varesi writes the Commisario Soneri, Parma, Italy

    Marco Vichi writes the Inspector Bordelli, Florence in the '60s

    Jan Merete Weiss writes the Natalia Monte, police captain, Naples, Italy

France (plus Belgium)

    Cara Black writes the Aimee LeDuc series, Franco-American PI in Paris

    Michael Bond writes the Monsieur Pamplemousse series, French culinary critic

    Alexander Campion writes theCapucine Tellier, policemwoman married to food critic, Paris

    Claude Izner writes the Victor Legris, bookseller in 19th century Paris

    Gerald Jay writes the Inspector Paul Mazarelle, Paris cop now in the Dordogne region

    M.L. Longworth writes the Antoine Verlaque, magistrate Aix-en-Provence

    Adrian Magson writes the Inspector Lucas Rocco, 1960's Picardie France

    Peter May writes the Enzo MacLeod series, Scottish forensic scientist, Toulouse, France        

    Georges Simenon writes the Maigret series, police detective, Paris, France---220 mysteries

    Peter Steiner writes the Louis Morgan and Jean Renard, retired CIA agent and village cop in south of France

    Fred Vargas writes the Det. Commissaire Jean-Baptise Adamsberg series, Paris, France

    Martin Walker writes the Bruno Courreges, chief of police, south of France

    Michelle Wan writes the Mara Dunn series, sleuth, Dordogne

  Pieter Aspe writes the Inspector Pieter Van, Bruge Belgium


Germany & Austria

    Jakob Arjouni writes the Turkish-German PI Kemal Kayankaya

    Rebecca Cantrell writes the Hannah Vogel, journalist in pre-war Berlin

    David Downing writes the John Russell, Anglo-American journalist in pre-war Berlin

    Philip Kerr writes the Bernie Gunther, PI in pre and post-war Germany

    Jonathan Rabb writes the Nicolai Hoffner, police detective, pre-war Berlin

    Morley Torgov writes the Herman Preiss, police inspector 1868 Munich

    Wolf Haas writes the Simon Brenner, ex-cop, Vienna Austria

    Oliver Potzsch writes theJakob Kuisly, town hangman and his daughter Magdalena, 16th century Bavaria


    Jussi Adler-Olsen writes the Inspector Carl Mork, cold case squad, Copenhagen, Denmark

    Karin Alvtegen writes the standalone crime novels, Sweden

    Blaedel, Sara writes the Louise Rick, Detective Inspector Copenhagen, Denmark

    K.O. Dahl writes the Frank Froelich, detective inspector Oslo, Norway

    Ake Edwardson writes the Erik Winter series, chief inspector, Gotesborg, Sweden

    Kjell Eriksson writes the Ann Lindell series, Police inspector, Libro, Sweden

    Karin Fossum writes the Konrad Sejer series, police inspector, Norway

    Anne Holt writes the Hanne Wilhelmsen series, police detective Oslo, Norway

    Anne Holt writes the Joanna Vik and Adam Stubo series, former FBI profiler and police chief, Oslo Norway

    Matti Joensuu writes the Timo Harjunpaa, detective sergeant, Helsinki, Finland

    Lene Kaaberbol writes the Nina Borg, nurse, Copenhagen Denmark

    Mons Kallentoft writes the Malin Fors, policewoman, Fjallbacka, Sweden

    Lars Kepler writes the Detective Inspector Joona Linna, Tumba, Sweden

    Camilla Lackberg writes the Patrik Hedstrom, detective, Fjallbacka, Sweden

    Asa Larsson writes the Rebecka Martinsson series, tax attorney, Sweden

    Stieg Larsson writes the hacker Lisbeth Salander and journalist Mikail Blomkvist, Stockholm, Sweden

    Henning Mankell writes the Kurt Wallander series, police detective, Sweden and others

    Liza Marklund writes the Annika Bengtzon, reporter, Sweden

    Jo Nesbo writes the police inspector Harry Hole, Oslo, Norway

    Hakan Nesser writes the Inspector Van Veeteren series, detective inspector, in a country much like Sweden

    Kristina Ohlsson writes the Alex Recht, Swedish National Police, Stockholm, Sweden

    Anders Roslund writes crime novels set in Stockholm, Sweden

    Yrsa Sigurdardottir writes the lawyer Thora Gudmundsdorrir, Reykjavik, Iceland

    James Thompson writes the Kari Vaara, police inspector Finland

    Maj Sjowall and Per Wahloo writes the Martin Beck, police detective, Sweden

    Helene Tursten writes the Inspector Irene Huss, Goteborg, Sweden

    Jan Costin Wagner writes the Detective Kimmo Joenta, Turku, Finland

Other European locations

    Michael Genelin writes the Jana Martinova, police commander, Bratislava, Slovenia

    Vilmos Kondor writes the mystery set in pre-war Budapest Hungary

    Anne Zouroudi writes the Hermes Diaktoros, enigmatic detective, Athens, Greece

    Jeffrey Siger writes the Andreas Kalidis, Chief Inspector, Greek National Police

    Janwillem VandeWetering writes the Grijpstra and de Gier, Amsterdam cops


    John Burdett writes theSonchai Jitpleecheep, police detective Bangkok, Thailand

    James Church writes the Inspector O series, North Korean police detective

    Colin Cotterill writes the Siri Paiboun, coroner in mid-seventies Laos

    Colin Cotterill writes the Jimm Juree, crime reporter rural Thailand

    Shamini Flint writes the Inspector Singh, Singapore

    Timothy Hallinan writes the Poke Rafferty series, expat American travel writer, Bangkok, Thailand

    Keigo Higashino writes the Detective Galileo, Tokyo, Japan

    Natsuo Kirino writes the various standalone crime novels

    Diane Wei Liang writes the PI Mei Wang, Beijing China

    Martin Limon writes the George Sueno & Ernie Bascom, Army CID investigators, 1970s South Korea

    Peter May writes the Li Yan and Margaret series, Chinese police detective and American forensic pathologist, Beijing, China

    Sujata Massey writes the Rei Shimura series, Japanese American antiques dealer

    Christopher G. Moore writes the American expat PI Vincent Calvino, Bangkok Thailand

    I. J. Parker writes the Akitada Sugawara series, civil servant turned sleuth, feudal Japan

    Eliot Pattison writes the Shahn Tao Yun series, disgraced Chinese policeman in Tibet

    David Rotenberg writes the Zhong Fan series, homicide detective, Shanghai, China

    Lisa See writes the Liu Holan series, police detective, Beijing, China

    Nuryi Vittachi writes the C.F. Wong, Feng Shui consultant, Singapore

    Michael Walters writes the Inspector Nergui series, Serious Crimes Unit, Mongolia China

    Qiu Xiaolong writes the Chen Cao series, Shanghai police inspector

Egypt, the Middle East, Turkey and India

    Esmahan Aykol writes the Kati Hirschel, mystery bookstore owner, Istanbul, Turkey

    Paul Doherty writes the Amerotke series, Chief Judge of 18th Dynasty Egypt

    Kishwar Desai writes the Simran Singh, social worker, Punjab India

    Nick Drake writes the Rahotep, detecive dynastic Egypt

    Zoe Ferraris writes theKatya Hijazi, medical examiner, Jidda Saudi Arabia

    Batya Gur writes the Michael Ohayon, police detective Israel

    Tarquin Hall writes the Indian PI Vish Puri

    Joseph Kanon writes the standalones, settings include Germany, Venice and Istanbul

    Barbara Nadel writes the inspector Cetik Ikmen, Istanbul, Turkey

    Michael Pearce writes the Gareth Owen series, Mamur Zapt in 1905 Cairo Egypt--WWI

    Elizabeth Peters writes the Amelia Peabody series, Edwardian archaeologist, Egypt

    Mary Reed writes the John the Eunuch series, Lord Chamberlain to Justinian 6th Cent

    Matt Beynon Rees writes the Omar Yuseff, schoolteacher Bethlehem, West Bank

    Mehmet Murat Somer writes the drag queen sleuth, Istanbul, Turkey

    Paul Sussman writes the Yusuf Khalifa series, Inspector, Luxor, Egypt

    Jenny White writes the Kamil Pasha, magistrate in 19th century Istanbul, Turkey


    Suzanne Arruda writes the Jade del Cameron, photojournalist 1920's East Africa

    Nick Brownlee writes the Jake and Jouma, retired Scotland Yard detective and poiice detective, Mombasa, Kenya

    Nina Darnton writes the standalone set in Nigeria

    Adimchinma Ibe writes the Nigerian detective Peterside

    Jassy Mackenzie writes the PI Jade DeJong, Johannesburg, South Africa

    James McClure writes the Kramer and Zondi series, a white detective and his Bantu sergeant in apartheid South Africa

    Deon Meyer writes the several standalone crime novels set in South Africa

    Tamar Myers writes the missionary Amanda Brown, 1950's Belgian Congo

    Malla Nunn writes the 1950's South African cop Emmanual Cooper

    Kwei Quartey writes the Inspector Darko Dawson, Ghana

    Alexander McCall Smith is well known for his No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series

    Roger Smith writes the standalone crime novels set in Capetown, South Africa

    Michael Stanley writes the David "Kubu" Bengu, assistakient superintendent, Botswana

    Robert Wilson writes the Robert Medway, fixer, East Africa



    Boris Akunin writes the Sister Pelagia series, Russian Orthodox nun, czarist Russia

    Boris Akunin writes the Erast Fandorin series, suave, young policeman in Tsarist Russia

    Sam Eastland writes the Inspector Pekkala, czarist-era cop in 1930's Stalinist Russia

    Brent Ghelfi writes the Alexei Volkovoy series, Russian undercover agent

    Andrey Kurkov - aspiring writer Viktor Zolotaryov and his penguin Misha, Kiev, Russia

    R. N. Morris writes the Porfiry Petrovich, Czarist-era policeman

    William Ryan writes the Alexeii Korolev, policeman in Stalin-era Moscow

    Martin Cruz Smith writes the Arkady Renko series, police detective, Moscow, Russia


    P.J. Brooke writes the Max Romero, inspector, Granada, Spain

    Arturo Perez-Reverte writes the Diego Alatriste series, swordsman, 17th century Spain

    Rebecca Pawel writes the Carlos Tejada series, cop in the Guardia Civilia, civil war-era Spain

    Alicia Gimenez-Bartlett writes the Petra Delicado series, police detective, Barcelona, Spain

    Robert Wilson writes the Javier Falcon series, policeman, Seville, Spain

    Manuel Vazquez Montalban writes the Pepe Carvalho, PI, Barcelona

South of U.S.

    Annamaria Alfieeri writes two historical mysteries set in Paraguay and Bolivia

    Lisa Brackmann writes standalones set in Mexico

    Hilary Davidson writes the travel writer Lily Moore, 2nd book set in Peru

    Joan Druett writes the Wiki Coffin series, Pacific Islander linguist, 1838 Exploring Expedition

    Luiz Alfredo Garcia-Roza writes the Inspector Espinosa series, police detective, Rio de Janiero,


    Leighton Gage writes the Mario Silva series, Chief Inspector, Federal Police, Brazil

    Guillermo Martinez  writes the Book of Murder,a standalone

    Leonardo Padura writes the Mario Conde series, police lieutenant, Havana, Cuba

    Steven Torres writes the Luis Gonzalo, sheriff of Angustias, Puerto Rico,


    Peter Corris writes the Cliff Hardy series, Australian PI

    Garry Disher writes the Hal Challis series, Detective inspector, Melbourne Australia

    Garry Disher writes the bank robber Wyatt

    Kerry Greenwood writes the Phryne Fisher series, '20 sleuth, Australia

    Kerry Greenwood writes the Corinna Chapman series, bakery owner, Melbourne, Australia

    Adrian Hyland writes the Emily Tempest series, half-Aboriginal tribal police officer

    Peter Temple writes the Melbourne homicide cop Joe Cashin


    Benjamin Black writes the Quirke series, pathologist, Dublin, Ireland in the '50s

    Ken Bruen writes the Jack Taylor series, ex-cop, Galway Ireland

    Tana French writes the Cassie Maddox series, police detective, Dublin Ireland plus other standalones

    Cora Harrison writes the Mara the judge, 16th century Ireland

    Declan Hughes writes the Edward Loy series, PI, Dublin Ireland

    Brian McGilloway writes the Benedict Devlin series, Garda Inspector, Ireland

    Adrian McKinty writes the Michael Forsythe series, Irish mercenary

    Stuart Neville writes the several interconnected books set in Northern Ireland

    Gerard O'Donovan writes the Mike Mulcahey, det. insp., Dublin Ireland

    Ian Sansom writes the Israel Armstrong series, bookmobile librarian

    Peter Tremayne writes the Sister Fidelma series, 7th Century Irish Nun, Ireland

There you go!  Plenty of international writers of mystery to design your own world tour.  Were any missed?  Tell us about them in the comments.


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