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Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year

My reading has suffered again this week.  I do have a confession, I have been cheating...I have gotten sucked into a few urban fantasy novels and the mystery books have been neglected because of it.  I don't read fast enough to read both and review a mystery book each week...torn between two lovers and all that.  Confession is good for the soul :-)

With the new year comes the idea of a fresh start, and thus goals for making changes or attaining something, whether that is fitness, eating healthier, loosing weight, getting a promotion...or a job in this economy, or just being more positive.  Here is an idea that might appeal to some.  It is simple and has a great reward at the end.

52 Week Money Saving Challenge

This is from the Life as You Live It! Blog.

Save up for something really nice at the end of the year -- or money for gift giving next December.  Just pick something that you would normally never splurge on and seems slightly out of reach… then break it down however you like in terms of your weekly amount to save.  

Keep it realistic and all that remains is to watch your jar fill up and your goal become a reality.  This is great for all ages.  It teaches kids the concepts of budgeting and saving and it reminds us adults that we can splurge too by using a little delayed gratification (I know, I said it.)

Just get a big jar and print out the table to follow and check off and tape it to the outside with a pencil close for checking each week off.  You can find the templates on the blog (click here.)   Now, what would you like to save for?  I am thinking a vacation...but where should I go?

Variations on this theme could be to write on a slip of paper each week what you are thankful for to help you be more positive and mindful of the blessings in life.  Imagine reading 52 weeks worth of blessings at the end of the year!  Or a small token like an iTunes gift card / amazon card etc for each week you successfully workout 3x.  

If you have children at home, perhaps a jar just for the siblings to write a note each week to each other of what they appreciate about their brother/sister.  Or a couple could do this each week for what they appreciate about their loved one.  Let your imagination go and see what you come up with -- please share here so we can all gain from the ideas.  

If you would like to do some self improvement over the new year, but finances are tight check out MIT's class materials on line.  For the list of courses, click here and get ready to expand your world free.


I wish you a healthy and prosperous new year my virtual friends.

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Unknown said...

I am taking part in the 52 week money challenge. This will actually be used for our vacation in 2015.

A.F. Heart said...

That is great, I hope it goes well and you get a fantastic vacation out of it.

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