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Monday, August 25, 2014

I am doing it!

I am doing it...I am writing a suspense novel.  I have had this idea for years, occasionally wrote a bit on it, but mostly it was on the back burner.  The desire to write this book gets stronger each year.  So I have joined a writer's critique group and I keep plugging away at it.  I am making progress, and as I get good feedback in the writer's group I gain more confidence.  

By making this announcement, I feel exposed.  This commits me even more to finish, edit, and get it published.  **Deep breaths**  It is a bit scary to make a post declaring my intention, and I promise not to harp on my progress (or how slow it is.)   

But if you are interested in following me in my journey, I would love to share occasionally how the process is going.  I am thinking of including you in this, as well.  I am devising some contests to allow you to participate in fun ways. 

The title at this point is "The Society" and I am roughly a third done.  The target length may grow just a little, which will still keep the book in standard suspense novel length.


Stay tuned for some contests, a cover reveal, a website and Facebook author page coming soon.  I am excited to share this journey with you!

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Shalet Jimmy said...

I would love to be a part of your journey. I am excited...This is what I always have in mind...

A.F. Heart said...

Thank you Shalet Jimmy! I have a theory that there are a significant number of people who have the desire to write, but life and self-doubt deter them. I encourage you to follow that idea. There are wonderful writing classes online now to help get you writing. :-)

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