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Monday, March 16, 2015

Guest Post - Laura Morrigan

I reviewed the first book in this series, Woof at the Door (click here), the second book A Tiger's Tale (click here), the third A Horse of a Different Killer (click here) an author interview (click here), and a guest post (click here.)  Today Ms. Morrigan joins us once again and gives us a look at some adorable animals.

Spending the first years of her life on a Costa Rican coffee farm blessed Laura Morrigan with a fertile imagination and a love for all things wild.
Later she became a volunteer at a local zoo, helping out with everything from “waste management” to teaching an elephant how to paint. Drawing from her years of experience with both wild and domestic animals and her passion for detective novels, Laura created the Call of the Wilde series. Her experience with animals explains her post today of adorable animals you probably never heard of.

Five Adorable Animals You Never Knew Existed

Thank you Ms. Morrigan, I loved these adorable animals!

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