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Monday, July 18, 2016

Guest Author Post - Terrie Farley Moran

Terrie Farley Moran, author of the Read ‘Em and Eat mystery series and an Agatha Award Best First Novel winner joins us today.  Please welcome her as she provides a taste of her newest release.


If you loved the recipe for Miss Marple’s Orange Iced Scones that Karen Owen (https://acupofteaandacozymystery. ) created for Caught Read-Handed, the second book in the Read ’Em and Eat cozy series, just wait until you try the recipe for Drunken Raisin Scones that Karen developed for Read to Death. The scones are delicious and a great match for the Old Man and the Sea Chowder recipe that I concocted.

Just ask Pastor John. He had guest coming and needed a quick lunch. Of course his wife Jocelyn, she of the straw textured hair and sour personality, was nowhere to be found. Sassy Cabot, book maven of the Read ’Em and Eat, came to the rescue with scones and chowder. And I must say, it is a delicious combination. You can find both recipes in the back of Read to Death.

But of course Pastor John’s lunch problem happened several days after Sassy’s BFF and business partner Bridgy Mayfield discovered a dead body in the Read ’Em and Eat parking lot and became the prime witness and (maybe) suspect.

What’s a girl to do when she’s under suspicion of murder? Why call her mom, that’s what. And Bridgy’s mom does what any mother would do—she jumped on a plane and headed to Fort Myers Beach to support her little girl. Of course there is a catch. Bridgy’s mom, Emelia, is Aunt Ophie’s sister and trust me when I tell you that the sisters don’t always see eye to eye. Actually you’d be on target if you said they never see eye to eye. So, happy as Bridgy is to have the comfort of her mom nearby, we witness lots of clash and bang anytime Ophelia and Emelia are in the same room.

There is so much going on what with snowbirds packing to head back north, book club meetings, family drama, tasty food and handsome young men, be they sheriff’s deputies, lawyers or newspaper reporters, that Bridgy and Sassy have quite the time fitting it all in while they try to throw suspicion off Bridgy’s shoulders and toss it to the real killer, whoever that may be. Sounds impossible but turns out to be highly doable for the spunky duo in Read to Death.
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THANK You Ms Moran for that fun run down of your most recent release.  

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Terrie Farley Moran said...

I am so happy to be here at Mysteries and My Musings. Thanks so much for inviting me and if any readers have questions or comments, I'll be back this afternoon to respond. xo Terrie

Unknown said...

Love these books. 😊

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