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Monday, October 24, 2016

Guest Author Post - Victoria Abbott

Welcome the mother-daughter writing team known as Victoria Abbot.  Their Book Collector mysteries and delightful, 1st book was The Christie Curse (click here), 2nd entry was The Sayers Swindle (click here), The Wolfe Widow (click here) I have reviewed on this blog. 

Dream trip or nightmare?

Fall is our favorite time of year: we love the crisp sunny days and the cooler nights. We enjoy the hint of colorful leaves to come and once again we are celebrating that we have a new book coming out: The Hammett Hex. You can probably tell by our fedoras that we’re celebrating the link between the book and the legendary Dashiell Hammett.

The Hammett Hex will be released on October 4 and we are very excited about sharing this fifth book collector mystery with you. We hope you’ll join our protagonist, Jordan Bingham, on a dream trip to San Francisco, with the man in her life, Officer Tyler ‘Smiley’ Dekker. Of course, they have separate rooms in case things don’t go well, which sometimes they don’t for this pair. Jordan is taking no chances.

They’re just trying to see if they can rebuild their trust in each other and overcome the differences in their backgrounds. The deck is stacked against a romance with Jordan, the first person to go straight in her large family of Irish crooks and Tyler, a man with no family to speak of and a desire to be a good police officer with no criminal connections. Can they work out their problems in the foggy city of Dashiell Hammett, where it seems you just can’t trust anyone?

All Jordan has to do is find a signed first edition copy of Hammett’s Red Harvest for her book collector boss. Soon Jordan isn’t safe on a cable car, taking a cab ride or even in her hotel room. Coincidence? Of course, she has something to hide and naturally, it also turns out that Tyler is keeping a big secret. Will it make a difference or is there an even bigger threat to their happiness?

Of course, there is! This a mystery after all and we all want to know that our characters are made of the right stuff.

Join us on this trip and find out for yourself what happens to our friends. But we warn you to be very, very careful in the city by the bay. In the meantime, check out the trailer:

The Hammett Hex, Victoria Abbott’s Book Collector Mystery #5

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Thank you both for this great author post.  I need to catch up with Jordan.

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