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Monday, December 11, 2017

End of Year Giving

I love cats.  I like dogs too, even grew up with a poodle born two weeks before me.  But I love cats personally.  For the last three and half years I have volunteered at a cat shelter as the media and event coordinator.  If you don't love cats, perhaps you love other animals and can relate to some of this post.

Look What the Cat Brought In Rescue and Shelter was the first cat exclusive shelter in my town (since 2008).  They are an adoption guaranteed outfit that takes most cats brought to us (if we have the room).  We have taken cats rushed to us from other states (New Mexico and Kentucky off the top of my head) to save them from high-kill shelters or literally on death row.  

One year we took in over seventy (that's 70+) cats from one severe hoarding situation!  We take care of all the medical costs for these cats, get them physically patched up and out of pain.  We work with an animal behaviorist to heal their emotional traumas, too. 
Snickerdoodle came to us with a severe eye
infection and her eye had to be removed.

For many of these cats, it is their last chance and other shelters won't even take them because they aren't a quick turn around item.  We have rescued so many abused, abandoned, and neglected cats it makes my head spin.  But the beautiful thing is we have just as many success stories of healed cats now in well matched homes, a loving part of a forever family.  

This time of year we hear about miracles and blessings.  I have witnessed the transformation of a surly abandoned cat rescued from a Walmart parking lot who, once we took care of healing the medical issues and getting them out of pain, become nurturing and cuddly.  No cat (or any pet) makes the choice to suffer. The choice is made for them through neglect or abandonment. We make a different choice for our cats when they are in pain, ill, or injured.  
Dolly was simply not a kitten & took longer to find
a home.  She is a joy and we found her a home.

I wanted to share this because this is also the time of year when many people make donations to non-profits as part of the holiday good will.  We are a volunteer organization, even or executive director is a volunteer.  Any money is truly going to care for these little furry angels, giving them a chance - for many the last chance - at a happily ever after.  
Please consider partnering with us to save cat's lives.  If you
Hope came to us weighing only ounces and her eye
in bad shape.  Her eye had to be removed and she
finally put on weight.  She is in a loving home now!

are interested, here is our fundraising campaign (click here.)  If you don't live in Colorado, the incentives offered by businesses won't be as meaningful for you.  Any amount you give we appreciate, and the cats are grateful even if they don't understand what you have done for them!

Join us on Facebook (click here)
Join our newsletter (click here) or text "Kitty" to 42828.

Thank you for letting me share this part of my life with you!

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