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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Review - Say No Moor

I had reviewed one prior book in the series, the 9th titled Fleur De Lies (click here).  We are back with the Seniors Tour in England now.

Author: Maddy Hunter

Copyright: Jan 2018 (Berkley) 336 pgs

Series: 11th in Passport to Peril Mystery series

Sensuality: Mild

Mystery Sub-genre:
Cozy Mystery

Main Character:
Emily Andrew-Miceli, Travel Agency Owner and Seniors Tour Escort

Setting: Modern, Cornwall England

Obtained Through: Publisher for honest opinion

Cover blurb:  " Hoping to reach an expanded clientele of senior travelers, Emily Andrew-Miceli invites a handful of bloggers to join her group's tour of England's Cornwall region. But when the quarrelsome host of a historic inn dies under suspicious circumstances, Emily worries that the bloggers' online reviews will torpedo her travel agency.

To make matters worse, Emily is roped into running the inn, and not even a team effort from her friends can prevent impending disaster. As one guest goes missing and another turns up dead, Emily discovers that well-kept secrets can provide more than enough motive for murder."

Emily, is pretty laid back for dealing with a group of cantankerous seniors, but add on the divisive bloggers, two of which are feuding, and I wondered how to remained so calm.  There is a regular cast of Iowa seniors that Emily is escorting: Emily's Grandmother Marion known as Nana, Alice, Osmond, Helen, Margi, Dick Stolee, Dick Tieg, Bernice, Lucille, Grace, George, and Tilly.  Plus Emilly's ex-husband, now Jackie.  FYI for fans, Emily's husband Etienne isn't in this book, like in the prior book I read. 

Cornwall sounds amazing and the sights that the tour visits made me want to spend time in Cornwall.  The plot is around the murder of the chef and half owner of the Inn, a gruff and bullish man.  The plot has subplots of a thief steeling items from the tour group, the group having to scramble and do their own cooking in hopes of keeping the bloggers satisfied, and one of the regulars goes missing.  The subplots help to keep the pacing humming along.  The climax is pretty suspenseful and surprising.  The wrap up ties up loose ends and left me satisfied.

This series accentuates the zany seniors who are recurring characters.  They are over-the-top with quarrelsome banter between them, opinionated, and often down right hilarious.  A few places I laughed till I had tears.  I know humor is subjective, but give it a try for a good laugh.  I found more twists in this story than the prior I had read, kudos.  It takes a little for the story to build until the first murder, but it was worth it.

Rating:  Excellent - Loved it! Buy it now and put this author on your watch list

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