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Monday, June 4, 2018

Author Guest Post - Sue Hinkin

Please welcome Sue Hinkin to the blog today. Raised in Chicago, Sue is a former college administrator (most recently at University of Denver), TV news photographer (one of the very first women in this job) and NBC-TV art department manager. With a B.A. from St. Olaf College, she completed graduate work at the University of Michigan and was a Cinematography Fellow at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles where she lived for many years. She is a puppy foster volunteer—latest failed foster is a white bichon/poodle mix named Harley.  She is a dedicated member of the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers, Sisters in Crime-Colorado, Rocky Mountain Mystery Writers of America and International Thriller Writers, she lives in Littleton, Colorado. Deadly Focus is her debut novel.

What makes your book different from other books in your genre?
My work is very multi-cultural with diverse characters. Beatrice Middleton is from an African-American family in Savannah, Georgia. Lucy Vega was born and raised in Southern California by a Mexican mother from Guadalajara and a Norwegian father from Oslo. After the family was killed in a car accident, Lucy’s Mexican uncle and his Norwegian housekeeper took over her upbringing. I’ve found many people afraid of writing characters of different races and ethnicities from their own—afraid of a making a mistake that reveals a hidden bias or unrealized prejudice. But that’s our world today—a huge, wonderful melting pot–so I want to embrace it even if I screw up or stumble across my own areas of ignorance and insensitivity. It will be an opportunity to learn.

My women characters are very independent, smart, passionate, a little reckless but very effective at what they do. Lucy and Bea both have great integrity, hearts of gold, and would risk anything for family and friends. Despite differences in age, race, and experience, their values are such that they are true sisters under the skin. I have been blessed with wonderful women friends and colleagues from whom to draw inspiration.

Because of my film/TV background, my scenes are often cinematic and visual. The books ride the line between mysteries and thrillers.

The Vega & Middleton Novels

A new mystery/thriller series featuring TV news reporter Beatrice Middleton and photojournalist Lucy Vega. Along with their family and friends in Los Angeles and Savannah, the two women take on some of the toughest criminals and risk all seeking justice, and sometimes, retribution.
Deadly Focus (Book 1)
L.A. photojournalist Lucy Vega’s beloved uncle plunges to his death in a Malibu canyon car wreck. The coroner calls it an accident, but when a Los Angeles County homicide detective and the chief of the counter-terrorism unit appear at the scene, Lucy and reporter Bea Middleton, suspect other terrifying possibilities.
Low Country Blood (Book 2) 

Having just lost her job, news reporter Bea Middleton returns to face family and murder in the low country of Savannah, Georgia. coming January 2019. Publisher is Literary Wanderlust at

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Thank you Miss Hinkin for joining us an sharing about your series.  It sounds thrilling.

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