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Thursday, May 9, 2019

Review - Murder on Trinity Place

My introduction to this series was the 17th book, Murder on Amsterdam Ave (click here).  Since then I have been slowly going back to the beginning and reading the early books.  We have been fortunate to also have several guest posts and an interview by the author. (guest post here, interview, and another guest post here).  Read on to find out more about the newest in this long running series.

Author: Victoria Thomspon

Copyright: April 2019 (Berkley) 332 pgs

Series: 22nd in Gaslight Mystery series

Sensuality: Mild

Mystery Sub-genre: Historical Cozy

Main Characters: Sarah Malloy, formerly Sarah Brandt a midwife

Setting: 1900 (Victorian Era), New York City

Obtained Through: Publisher for honest review (Netgalley)

From the book cover:  "The year of 1899 is drawing to a close. Frank and Sarah Malloy are getting ready to celebrate the New Year at Trinity Church when they notice Mr. Pritchard, a relative of their neighbor, behaving oddly and annoying the other revelers. Frank tries to convince Pritchard to return home with them, but the man refuses and Frank loses him in the crowd. The next morning Sarah and Frank are horrified to learn Pritchard was murdered sometime in the night, his body left on Trinity Place, the side street near the church.

The police aren't too interested in the murder, and the family are concerned that the circumstances of the death will reflect badly on Pritchard's reputation. To protect the family from scandal, Nelson asks Frank to investigate. Frank and Sarah delve into Pritchard's past and realize there may have been a deadly side to the dawning of the new century."

Sarah used to be more involved in the actual investigations, but has taken a bit more backseat role except for questioning the society ladies.  Maeve is her young nanny for their children who has become a part of the family.  Frank Malloy had newly inherited fortune and retired from the police force.  Frank has started his own investigation business as a gentleman of means now.  Gino, formerly worked with Frank Malloy on the police force but now works with him as a private investigator. Black Jack Robinson was introduced in Murder in the Bowery (Book 20) and is part of a subplot as well as providing inside information into the gambling syndicates.  He is a fantastic secondary character and I loved him so much I am getting book #20 right away to read his introduction.  Suspects range from members of the extremely dysfunctional society family to a rough gambling syndicate owner. The characters all have mixed good and bad in them making them layered and complex.

New York's early years are always fascinating to me and it is seamlessly interwoven throughout the story.  Autos were just becoming more mainstream and that is included in the story as Frank has purchased one and all the issues that come with it.  

The plot is interesting as you follow Sarah and Frank piecing together what an earnest, albeit sanctimonious, milk dairy business man like Mr. Pritchard could have done to get himself killed.  Subplots involve Maeve and Gino seeming to have a growing attachment and a disgraced society girl checks into Sarah's clinic for unwed mothers and Sarah has a plan for her future - if she has her way.

The climax is a race against time to save a life, always thrilling.  I particularly liked the car chase with a car that can go as fast as ten miles an hour and how that is considered so fast! The wrap up is heartwarming and perhaps my favorite part of the entire book.  

This seemed like a lighter mystery than some of the prior books in the series.  Which only means it is perfect if you don't want a heavy murder mystery.  The subplots have some to do with that.  I wish to see Sarah getting more involved again, even though she is married now.  A solid addition to a dependably entertaining series.  Never disappoints.

Rating: Excellent fun read- Loved it, it had a good grip on me! Buy it now and put this series, an author, on your watch list.

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