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Monday, October 19, 2020

Political Mystery Books


Yes, (for the USA) there is an election in just a few days - if you hadn't noticed.  So, to give you something to entertain yourself besides all the ads on television (and everywhere you turn), how about some political mysteries or thrillers to read!?  Here is a listing, only a few of which I have a review, but several I have read and recommend.

White House Chef mysteries by Julie Hyzy

1  State of the Onion  

2  Hail to the Chef (review)

3  Eggsecutive Orders

4  Buffalo West Wing

5  Affairs of Steak (review)

6  Fonduing Fathers

7  Home of the Braised

8  All the President's Menus

9  Foreign Eclairs

White House Gardener Mysteries by Dorothy St.James

1  Flowerbed of State

2  The Scarlet Pepper (review)

3  Oak and Dagger

Margaret Truman  Capital Crimes (31 books)

**written by the only child of President Harry Truman!!

1  Murder in the White House

2  Murder on Capitol Hill

3  Murder in the Supreme Court

4  Murder in the Smithsonian

5  Murder on Embassy Row

6  Murder at the FBI

8  Murder in the CIA

11 Murder at the Pentagon...

24 Murder Inside the Beltway (review)

The Camel Club by David Baldacci

I've read all of these and they are great.

1  The Camel Club

2  The Collectors

3  Stone Cold

4  Divine Justice

5  Hell's Corner (review)

Absolute Power by David Baldacci  (read years ago and became a Baldacci fan.  BTW, book is better than the movie)

The First Family (King & Maxwell #4) by David Baldacci (Excellent political thriller I read years ago)

The President is Missing by James Patterson and Bill Clinton (on my TBR pile)

The Manchurian Candidate by Richard Condon 

(a classic novel well worth reading today)

Our Kind of Traitor by John LeCarre

The Odessa File by Frederick Forsyth  (read many years ago, never forgot - going to reread now!)

The Society by CG Abbot (guest post)

I personally highly recommend!

Jack Ryan Thrillers by Tom Clancy

Back when they were huge hits.  Tom Clancy was the first author to get a $1 million book deal.

1  Hunt for Red October (Movie with Alec Baldwin rocks too!)

2  Patriot Games 

3  Clear and Present Danger 

4  The Sum of All Fears 

5  Cardinal and the Kremlin (follow-on to Red October)

6  The Bear and the Dragon 

7  Red Storm Rising 

8  Red Rabbit 

9  Debt of Honor 

10  Executive Orders 

11 Teeth of the Tiger 

12  Rainbow Six

Moscow Rules (Gabriel Allon #8) by Daniel Silva (read years ago, good book in the Allon series)

The English Girl (Gabriel Allon #13) by Daniel Silva (review)

I hope this list provides entertainment in this political season.  I know I have no doubt missed some, so please leave your suggestions in the comments (go ahead, share those political fiction mystery/thrillers).  These are good to read even after an election (wink).  Enjoy!

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