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Monday, November 2, 2020

Revolutionary Online Indie Bookshop

Earlier this year a new idea whose time had come quietly established.  An online bookstore like no other.  It is called and it can save the Indie Bookstores around the country.  It is more than a coalition.  It is billed as a "socially conscious alternative to Amazon" that allows readers to purchase books online while still supporting your local bookstore!  And it set up and went live just before COVID 19 hit and made millions within a few weeks. 

Here is how it works, local bookstores sign up to be part of this.  When you buy a book, you select which local store in the system you want your purchases to credit.  If the book is listed with Ingram, then it is in their system, it is that simple.  

This can save all our wonderful indie bookstores across the nation.  Andy Hunter, the co-founder of Literary Hub, is the mind behind the idea.  And I must say it is brilliant!  Now you may be able to order from your local bookstore and have it shipped, which is the best case.  But if your local independent bookstore doesn't have that capability, this is the next best thing.  Or, if your little bookstore doesn't have the particular book on the shelves and you can't wait for that special order, you can credit the store and get it through and they will still get some money for your purchase.

JUST in time for the holidays.  If you give books for presents (oh, I so hope you do!) then this combines the convenience and safety of purchasing online and having everything shipped to your doorstep while still supporting your favorite local independently run bookstore.  Even if there is another shut down because of Covid, your store can make money.  

It made such a big hit in such a short time, they are opening up one for the United Kingdom shortly too. 

I love this idea and can't shout it from the rooftops enough.  Had you already heard about this and I am late to the party? 

Please check them out at, bookmark them, use them for the greater good!  

In the news:

Here is a Youtube video review of

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