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Monday, August 2, 2021

Mystery Fill-in-the-Blank Game 8/2021

Let's play a game this week! 

I am going to list partial titles and you try to fill in the blanks. All the books are by the same author, which is a clue. At the end of the titles, supply who the author of these books was.

You are on the honor system playing this, try completing this without the aid of the internet.  In a few days I will supply the answers and you can post how many you got right in the comments.  I did this in a very low tech sort of way :-)

1) A _________ for Death

2) A ________ to Murder

3) A __________ Justice

4) __________ and Desires

5) The _______ Tower

6)  The Murder _____

7) ___________ Causes

8) The ________ Patient

9) Death in ______ ________

10) Cover Her _______

The Author of all these books is: _____ _________

1) A Taste for Death   2) A Mind to Murder  3) A Certain Justice  4) Devices and Desires  5) The Black Tower  6)  The Murder Room  7) Unnatural Causes  8) The Private Patient  9) Death in Holy Orders  10) Cover Her Face 
the Author of all these books is PD James.

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