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Wednesday, May 11, 2022

My Musings - Favorite Historical Mystery Series Pt 3

This concludes my series on historical mysteries loosely divided by era in today's post.  I love historical mysteries and if you've been looking for a new series, or wanted to jump into this subcategory of mystery perhaps this will help.  This is in no way a comprehensive listing, that would be quite an undertaking.

In part one I covered up through Regency era mysteries (click here).   

In part two I covered the Victorian era (click here).  Now I am sharing the Gilded era through World War I & II mysteries.

Gilded and Progressive Ages (1870-1929)

Silver Rush Mysteries by Ann Parker 
1)  Silver Lies
2)  Iron Ties
3)  Leaden Skies
4)  Mercury's Rise (click here)
5)  What Gold Buys
6)  A Dying Note
7)  Mortal Music
8)  The Secret in the Wall

Change of Fortune Mysteries by Jessica Estevao
This series was fantastic, but publisher didn't continue it further.
1)  Whispers Beyond the Veil (click here)
2)  Whispers of Warning (click here)

Stella and Lyndy Mysteries by Clara McKenna
1)  Murder at Morrington Hall (click here)
2)  Murder at Blackwater Bend (click here)
3)  Murder at Keyhaven Castle
4)  Murder at the Majestic Hotel

Counterfeit Lady mysteries by Victoria Thompson
1)  City of Lies (click here)
2)  City of Secrets (click here)
3)  City of Scoundrels (click here)
4)  City of Schemes (click here)
5)  City of Shadows
6)  City of Fortune

Gilded Age Mysteries by Rosemary Simpson
1)  What the Dead Leave Behind 
2)  Lies that Comfort and Betray
3)  Let the Dead Keep Their Secrets
4)  Death Brings a Shadow
5)  Death, Diamonds, and Deception
6)  The Dead Cry Justice (click here)
7)  Death at the Falls

Gaslight Mysteries by Victoria Thompson 
1)  Murder on Astor Place
2)  Murder on St. Marks
3)  Murder on Gramercy
4)  Murder on Washington Square
5)  Murder on Mulberry Bend
6)  Murder on Marble Row
7)  Murder on Lenox Hill
8)  Murder in Little Italy
9)  Murder in China Town
10)  Murder on Bank Street
11)  Murder on Waverly Place
12) Murder on Lexington Ave (click here)
22) Murder on Trinity Place (click here
25 books in the series

Molly Murphy Mystery series by
Rhys Bowen 
1)  Murphy's Law
2)  Death of Riley
3)  For the Love of Mike
4)  In Like Flynn
5)  Oh Danny Boy
6)  In Dublin's Fair City
7)  Tell Me, Pretty Lady
8)  In a Gilded Cage
9)  The Last Illusion (click here)
18 books in series

Royal Spyness series by Rhys Bowen 
1)   Her Royal Spyness
2)   A Royal Pain
3)  Royal Flush
4)  Royal Blood (click here)
5)  Naughty in Nice (click here)
6)  Twelve Clues of Christmas (click here)
7)  Heirs and Graces (click here)
8)  Queen of Hearts (click here)
9)  Malice at the Palace
10)  Crowned and Dangerous
11)  Her Majesty's Frightfully Secret Service
12)  Four Funerals and Maybe a Wedding
13)  Love and Death Among the Cheetahs
14)  The Last Mrs Summers (click here)
15)  God Rest Ye Royal Gentlemen (click here)
16)  Peril in Paris

Kitty Weeks mysteries by Radha Vatsal 
1)  A Front Page Affair
2)  Murder Between the Lines (click here)

Jane Prescott Mysteries by Mariah Fredericks 
1)  A Death of No Importance 
2)  Death of a New American (click here)
3)  Death of an American Beauty
4)  Death of a Showman

Phryne Fisher mysteries by KerryGreenwood 
1)  Cocaine Blues
2)  Flying Too High  
3)  Murder at Ballarat Train
4)  Death at Victoria Park
5)  The Green Mill Murder
6)  Blood and Circuses
7)  Ruddy Gore
8)  Urn Burial
19) Unnatural Habits (click here)
21 Books in the series

World War I & II themed

Maggie Hope mysteries by Susan Elia MacNeal 

1)  Mr. Churchill's Secretary (click here)
2)  Princess Elizabeth's Spy (click here)
3)  His Majesty's Hope (click here)
4)  The Prime Minister's Secret Agent (click here)
5)  Mrs Roosevelt's Confidant (click here)
6)  The Queen's Accomplice (click here)
7)  The Paris Spy (click here)
8)  The Prisoner in the Castle (click here)
9)  The King's Justice (click here)
10) The Hollywood Spy 

Woman of WWII Mysteries by Tessa Arlen
1)  Poppy Redfern and the Midnight Murders (click here)
2)  Poppy Redfern and the Fatal Flyers

Maisie Dobbs series by Jacqueline Winspear 
1)  Maisie Dobbs
2)  Birds of a Feather
3)  Pardonable Lies
4)  Messenger of Truth
5)  An Incomplete Revenge
6)  Among the Mad
7)  The Mapping of Love and Death
8)  A Lesson in Secrets (click here)
9)  Elegy for Eddie
10)  Leaving Everything Most Loved
11)  A Dangerous Place
12)  Journey to Munich (click here)
... 17 books in series

Electra McDonnell by Ashley Weaver   

1)  A Peculiar Combination (click here)
2)  The Key to Deceit

Sparks & Bainbridge Mysteries by Allison Montclair 
1) The Right Sort of Man (click here)
2)  A Royal Affair (click here)
3)  A Rogue's Company (click here)
4)  The Unkept Woman

Verity Kent Mystery series by Anna Lee Huber 
1) This side of Murder (click here)
2)  Treacherous is the Night
3)  Penny for Your Thoughts (click here)
4)  A Pretty Deceit
5)  Murder Most Fair
6)  A Certain Darkness

I know I haven't even scratched the surface of all the wonderful historical mysteries available.  Please share what are your favorites in the comments.  Are any that my mentioned your favorites?  

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