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Monday, August 1, 2022

Review - Mrs. Morris and the Pot of Gold

 Salem, Massachusetts, B&B owner Charlene Morris will need the luck of the Irish—and the help of a ghost—to unveil a hooded killer 

First book in the series is Mrs. Morris and the Ghost (click here

Author: Traci Wilton

Copyright: Aug 2022 (Kensington Books) 306 pgs

Series: 6th in Salem B&B Mysteries

Sensuality: n/a

Mystery Sub-genre: Paranormal cozy mystery, amateur Sleuth

Main Character: Charlene Morris, new B&B owner

Setting: Modern day, Salem, Massachusetts

Obtained Through: Publisher for honest review

Book Blurb: "Charlene has hired a van to ferry her B&B guests to an all-you-can-eat corned beef and cabbage dinner hosted by Salem’s Irish community at the Ancient Order of Hibernians club—but she should have booked a hearse. It’s never a good sign when the family black sheep drunkenly crashes a party by punching the guy dressed as a leprechaun. But things go from troublesome to fatal when Charlene stumbles upon a second brawl in an upper room—and this fight Connor Gallagher loses, his anonymous assailant rushing past Charlene, hidden by a hoodie.

 Now Detective Sam Holden has another homicide on his hands, with Charlene as the only eyewitness. Even if she can’t give the police sketch artist much to go on, Charlene is determined to ID the murderer, with the help of Dr. Jack Strathmore, the charming ghost who haunts her B&B. The answer lies in the motive, and to uncover that sleuth and spook will need to shine a light on Connor’s shady past—before the killer pulls another Irish goodbye . . ." 

Charlene, previously of Chicago, still misses her deceased husband but she has settled into her new life in historic Salem as a B&B owner. Jack Strathmore is the extremely handsome ghost who owned the family mansion and chose to stay with Charlene when he could have "gone to the light".  Their relationship is enough for both of them at the moment.  Will Johnson and Minnie, her small staff, are delightful as grounds maintenance and cook/housekeeper.  Avery is a teen who works part-time and has become like family to Charlene.  Detective Sam Holden is six foot and resembles the actor Sam Elliot, and is fond of Charlene but waiting for her grieving to end.  Silva is her plush white cat who is a sweet cat with little antics.  To complicate things further, Charlene's parents come for a surprise visit.  Charlene and her mother historically have a contentious relationship, so she isn't happy to see them.

The setting of Salem wasn't utilized particularly. Rather, the Irish annual celebration takes center stage in this outing.  The investigation takes place in and around caring for and entertaining her B&B guests.  The plot has some meaty aspects and the murderer isn't easy to detect.  There is plenty going on and keeps the readers interest.  The climax was nail biting and quite suspenseful.  

This is a perfect mix of tenacious heroine, flirty ghost, well developed murder mystery, and spot on writing.  This is a cozy goodness and the Jack makes a charming ghost for the ideal entertaining mystery.  I am now on a mission to read the ealier books I've missed.

Rating:  Excellent - Loved it! Buy it now and put this author on your watch list

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