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Blog Carnival Submission

The Carnival is no longer active.  
Unless enough blogs show interest in reviving.

The Mystery and Crime Fiction Blog Carnival takes place once a month at this website.  For over 4 years I had used a blog carnival service, but it apparently - and suddenly - ceased to exist.  Therefore, I took matters into my own hands and will collect carnival entries via this form.  I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and ask you to be patient as you and I change to this routine. 

You work hard on your blog and want to share your efforts with anyone who is interested, but reaching people on the huge world wide web is a challenge.  Blog carnivals are a great way for bloggers to recognize each other's efforts, organize blog posts around important topics - like the Mystery Genre, and improve the overall level of conversation in the blog-o-sphere. Both you and I gain some blog traffic in the process.  So please join the blog carnival anytime by submitting your book review posts or author interviews with this form.  

The blog carnival is typically published the first Monday of each month, sometimes that may vary.  Occasionally, there might not be enough submissions and the carnival entries will be held for the following month. Multiple entries from the same blog are allowed.  Please no online college posts, this is intended for book bloggers, please submit recent posts (within the past two months approximately) so content is fresh.



Email Address:

What is your book blog's name?

What is the full link to your specific post you are submitting? One submission at a time using this form.

Title of book and author (i.e. The Hit by David Baldaci) or simply "Interview with author "

Category this post falls under:

Cozy mystery

Amateur sleuth

Police procedural/private invest./legal


Author interview

Optional -- Supply a one sentence teaser on your book review or author interview you would like to share

This contact form was created by Freedback.

The deadline for submission is usually the Saturday evening just prior to the 1st Monday of the month.  If you would like an email reminder to submit your blog carnival entries before the deadline, please join this reminder mailing list:  

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