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Monday, January 17, 2011

Reader Question - Do you like Book Trailers?

Book trailers are the same idea as a movie teaser to spark some "buzz" about the upcoming release but for books.  With the advent of YouTube and movie maker software easily available, authors can make their own book trailers or hire professionals to do it.  Book trailers are seen around the internet since most authors can't afford their book trailers as television commercials.

My questions:

-  Are book trailers something you consider when looking for a book? 

-  Have you, dear readers, watched book trailers (I have only posted a few)?

-  Do you look for book trailers?

-  Where have you most often found book trailers?

-  What have you thought of the book trailers you have seen?

-  Do you prefer a book trailer or the author discussing the book?

-  Do  you have some book trailers that you particularly like?

-  What aspects do you like or dislike about book trailers?

Please take a few moments and get a discussion going on this new form of internet promotion.

Here is a fairly typical book trailer to get discussion started:


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