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Monday, March 19, 2012

Designer Book Covers

Over at Sarah Enni's blog (click here), she has some very cool book covers, for those who still use the old-school non-electronic book.  

They all have a subtle message of "Go Away, I'm Reading."  These are very nicely designed, with three sets of awesome themes to choose from.  

You can download the PDF files free and get them printed at a print shop that has 11X17 paper (pretty common at print shops.)

Right around now, couldn't most of us use the cover that says, "In the Arena, BRB"

Which one is your favorite?

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Unknown said...

Those are great and what a neat idea I will have to make it a point to get some printed off.

As for your idea "In the Arena, BRB" that is so true. I have been in arena's and will be for awhile i think because we are in playoffs, regionals and a upcoming tournament.

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