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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Review - Who Do Voodoo

I have had this on my TBR shelf for a few months now.  I had thought I would save it for next Halloween.  Then I discovered it is nominated for an Agatha, so I had to read and review it as part of the Agatha Awards coverage!  In April we will compare the reviews of Agatha nominees and have a vote or elimination.  If you have read this book already, share your thoughts by leaving a comment.

Author: Rochelle Staab

Copyright:  November 2011; Berkley; 304 pages

Series:  # 1 in A Mind for Murder Mystery  

Sensuality:  some kissing and adult references

Mystery sub-genre:  Cozy mystery, paranormal

Main Character:  Liz Cooper, Clinical psychologist

Setting:  Modern day Los Angeles, CA

Obtained book through:
  Publisher in exchange for an honest review

Liz has been best friends since childhood with Robin.  Robin is just emerging from grieving about her husband's death in an accident when somebody begins leaving Tarot cards on her front door.  The specific tarot cards left match the ones that predicted her husband's death a year prior, but they have a voodoo theme.  Liz decides to try and help when a more sinister message is left on Robin's door.  Liz turns to her brother's old college buddy Nick, who has become an expert on the occult and teaches. Nick and Liz try to trace the unique Tarot cards for a lead.  They begin to make progress when Robin is accused of murder and the police are quite confident Robin is the killer. Now they must investigate quickly to clear Robin.

Liz is practical and has a hard time with the metaphysical aspects, even though her mother is the scattered and wacky "woowoo" stereotype.  Besides her mother, Liz has a manipulative, egocentric, sports star ex-husband that still plagues her.  I grew tired of the mother trying to get Liz and her ex back together repeatedly. I appreciated that Liz was rational and tended not to indulge the ex or her mother.  Liz even managed to stay open minded to the paranormal without going whole hog.  Nick provides some spice for Liz and challenges her paradigms.  He will make an interesting love interest, even though dear brother doesn't like mixing his best friend and sister.   

The plot of who really killed Sylvia is mixed up with voodoo, a spell book, and a curse.  Events unfold in a manner that are not overtly paranormal yet make you wonder. The pacing was steady.  The killer confrontation occurs because Liz stumbles upon the killer not because she deduced it.  This debut entry was a bit simplistic in style but managed an enjoyable tale with a sprinkling of romance. 

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Harvee said...

I have this book.Why haven't I read it as yet? Sounds so good...

adlin said...

This book is on my to read list. Enjoyed reading your review... will keep it on the list.

PaulMiller149 said...

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David Harry said...

Sounds Good! Thanks for the review!

A.F. Heart said...

Thank you guys for commenting!!!
I appreciate it. Love the comments :-)

NancyMyers101 said...

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