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Monday, April 15, 2013

Libraries and community impact

Duluth Public Library
"Since the founding of the first public library in the U.S. in 1731, libraries have provided a conduit to knowledge for the general populace. Toward the end of the last century, however, the Internet dramatically changed how and where we access information. The Web has introduced virtually limitless access to information. With this alternative to traditional print media, public libraries are facing new challenges: online resources allow people instant access to books, magazines, job information and applications, health information and online classes. So how do libraries plan to continue engaging communities? In the face of new technologies, libraries are adapting to a new reality."  This is from City Town Info (click here.)

I love my local public library, they are an integral part of the community and contribute to the vitality of the city.  

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Jo said...

Very interesting. Not that the library is relevant - I work in one, I know. But to see it all laid out like that is pretty cool.

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