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Monday, April 29, 2013

The Literacy Site

The Literacy Site
Click Here

Although many of you may already know of the Literacy Site, I wanted to feature it for those who may be unaware. It is a simple idea, just click on a button and money goes to fund books to children with each click.  How is this possible?  Through advertisers hoping you will notice them.  If you wish to do more, there is a store with a wide variety of reasonably priced items that provide more funds for books to children.

"The Literacy Site was founded to help promote literacy among children from low-income families nationwide. Partnering with First Book and Room to Read, the site makes books available to children around the world, giving many children their very first book. With the generous support of our sponsors, each click provides 1% of a book. Making books a part of a child's life is the best way to encourage the love of reading, and literacy is key in breaking the poverty cycle."

The Literacy Site hopes to foster a love of reading in children through education and awareness as well as the simple act of providing books to children in need. Participants and the site's charitable partners are doing a big part of the work. When you click the "Fund Books for Kids" button and see their sponsors' ads, funds are generated to distribute books for children around the world.

"But what of the future? With a good understanding of the practical use and the sheer joy books can provide, our children can do even more to learn crucial skills and to help others around the world."

The site also provides resources for teachers and parents.

If you are like me, you forget to click everyday.  You can request a daily email reminder that includes a link so it is very easy.  Just a click of a button and you are helping to fund books to children.  I love this idea, how about you?

Here is a quick video overview of all the charity sites, including The Literacy Site, that the organizer and creator runs and how it works.   

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Anonymous said...

I just went and clicked and will continue to do so daily. Thanks for mentioning this site as I did not know it existed.

A.F. Heart said...

I am so glad this post was useful for you. I like these sorts of charities so I share them.


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