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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Review - A Tangled Yarn

Let's take a little trip to California's Monterey Peninsula for this next mystery review.  On her website, Ms. Hechtman reveals that Asilomar is the inspiration for the setting.  This is my first book in the Yarn Retreat mysteries and I was able jump in just fine without reading the prior four in the series.  

Author: Betty Hechtman

Copyright: August 2017 (Berkley) 300 pgs

Series: 5th in Yarn Retreat Mystery series

Sensuality: Mild

Mystery Sub-genre: Cozy

Main Characters: Casey Feldstein, dessert chef and new owner of Yarn2Go, a yarn retreat business

Setting: Modern day, Cadbury - Monterey Peninsula California

Obtained Through: Publisher for honest review

From the cover: "Casey Feldstein has her hands full with preparations at the Vista Del Mar hotel on the scenic Monterey Peninsula as another yarn retreat begins. The retreaters will be thrown for a loop this time, learning the trendy art of arm knitting and finger crocheting.

But not everyone is enthusiastic about trying something new, and Casey is forced to come up with an alternative craft for her less adventurous pupils. Things go from worst to worsted when a travel writer from a neighboring retreat group is found dead in his room among a sea of feathers. When one of the owners of Vista Del Mar pleads for help, Casey gets hooked into the case and must unravel a delicate skein of secrets to catch a killer."

Casey Feldstein has her hands full between Kevin St. John being difficult about the yarn retreat's future at Vista Del Mar, her ex-husband, a few particularly fault-finding retreat attendees, and the murder of the travel writer who was presenting at the writer's retreat occurring concurrently.  Dane is the junior police officer romantic interest.  Sammy is her ex-husband who  likes to say how Casey is "the only one who gets him."  He even asks Casey or a big favor, which was rather interesting.  Wanda and Crystal are the yarn workshop leads who have very different ideas about teaching yarn crafts.  Madeleine is the owner of Vista Del Mar hotel and a friend of Casey's - but she seems to have something to hide.  Kevin St. John is the hotel manager and doesn't like Casey or yarn in general, thus he booked the writer's retreat the same weekend.    Julius the black cat is just one cool cat.

Cadbury, especially the lighthouse, and Vista Del Mar are great settings for the murder.  Who killed the rough travel writer who managed to make even retreat attendees mad?  Seems he had other facets to his life that may catch up to him too.  The killer reveal was good and a surprise.  

I liked Casey and Julius right away.  I enjoyed Madeleine's new found zest for life, that was a great touch.  The yarn retreat is an interesting theme that allows for a new cast along with recurring characters.

Rating:  Good - A fun and enjoyable light read, put this author on your watch list.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
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Kerrianne (Goodreads) 5 star
"Great and compact intro into the world of wine. Can't wait to tour some local wineries with my new found knowledge. So happy I was able to win this through a Goodreads Giveaway!"

Cynthia Calongne- 5 star
"What a great book - fun content, well-organized and easy to read and digest!" 

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Mystica said...

Apart from an interesting story, I like that cover so much.

prince said...

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