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Friday, August 4, 2017

Review - Veiled Menace

I reviewed the first in this series, Veiled Magic (click here), and was fortunate to have the author visits for an interview (click here).  Today I am reviewing her newest in the series, Veiled Menace, featuring a witch police officer. 

Author: Deborah Blake

Copyright: April 2017 (Intermix/Penguin) 285 pgs

Series: 2nd in Veiled Magic series

Sensuality: Mild/sprinkled cursing

Mystery Sub-genre: Paranormal Police Procedural

Main Character: Policewoman Donata Santori is a witch who talks to the dead.

Setting: modern day, large seaside city (never named)

Obtained Through:  Personal Purchase

From the book cover:  "Witch and police officer Donata Santori is no stranger to magical mayhem, but lately her life has been unexpectedly charmed. Her job as a Ghost Yanker now includes the occasional paranormal investigation, and she’s advancing her magical abilities with the help of an ancestor’s treasured spell book. And while both of her former love interests—reclusive half-Dragon art forger Peter Casaventi and disgraced Shapechanger Magnus Torvald—are nowhere to be found, she’s not averse to being wined and dined by wealthy businessman Anton Eastman.

But Eastman isn’t what he seems, and what he wants from Donata is far more than she’s willing to give. When a mysterious relic, the Pentacle Pentimento, resurfaces, along with Peter’s Dragon father and a shocking Santori family secret, Donata must fight to save herself, her friends, and just maybe the fate of the world from a magic as old as it is dangerous…"

Donata, the black sheep of her powerful witch family because of her profession just may get some respect as she is on the forefront of whatever is coming.  Peter Casaventi, the half-dragon art forger, displays his less attractive dragon pride and ego in this book.  Peter's father, a dragon, wants Peter with a nice dragon girl - not a witch. That's not what gets him murdered though.  Anton Eastman, who is dating Donata acts superior and self-centered, but he has worse qualities that come to light.  We get to see more of the police chief and the Medical Examiner in this outing, which I enjoyed.  Donata's mother and two sisters are elitist and judgmental, which I keep wondering when Donata-the-cop will have enough of their treatment.  Ricky, the Kobold Earth Spirit with a temper is her loyal friend and a star in his own right.

I still don't know what city this takes place in, but it is seaside as the mansion Peter's father owns overlooks the beach and ocean.  That was used particularly well with weather patterns taking drastic changes. 

Ms. Blake keeps the pacing just right and the reader engaged, the plot in parts seems easy but then a little twist comes along putting everything in a new light.  Donata's face off with the villain is deliciously suspenseful and the last paragraph leaves you anxious for the next book.  

I like where Ms. Blake is going with this series, playing a longer game around a situation.  That said, each can be read independently so far.  I can easily see team Peter and team Magnus forming to cheer for the favorite guy to win Donata's heart.  I must say that it isn't the typical love triangle, rather the guys come in and out of her life and each has his issues and baggage.  

Rating:  Excellent - Loved it, it had a good grip on me! Buy it now and put this author on your watch list

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Mystica said...

Not something I will pick up, but I do like the idea of talking to the dead actually!!

A.F. Heart said...

@Mystica, I understand, it isn't for everybody. I just like mixing it up occasionally and reviewing books that may not be strictly considered mystery. Thanks for commenting :-)

Deborah Blake said...

I'm so glad you liked it!

prince said...

Good taj mahel banane ke lie dolat to milti he magar mohbatt karne ke lie mumtaj nahi milti play bazaar kon kaheta hai taj mahel banane ke lie dolat nahi milti. idea. satta kinig Great .

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